Figuring out How To Brew Absinthe

If you reside in a country where

it is actually difficult to get real wormwood Absinthe, or you just fancy having a go at creating your own Absinthe, you should know how to brew Absinthe from home.

Henri-Louis Pernod made his Absinthe with a wine base and herbs such as aniseed, hyssop, fennel, lemon balm, star anise, angelica, veronica, juniper, dittany and also nutmeg. Czech company Sebor use a blend of 13 herbs, which includes chamomile and mint together with wormwood, and a 100 year old recipe to produce their Absinthe.

You can find 3 main approaches to create your own Absinthe drink:-

1.Use a recipe to distill your own personal Absinthe liquor.
2.Make use of an Absinthe Kit with a combination of herbs and instructions.
3.Work with an Absinthe essence

How to Brew Absinthe Using a Recipe

Distilling liquor from home is prohibited in the majority of countries if you do not have a license and is particularly quite complicated. Regular home-brew recipes contain:-

– Wormwood (Grande Wormwood, Artemisia Absinthium)
– Green Anise
– Fennel
– Alcohol

The components are first macerated for a few hours, heated and after that slowly distilled then colored with extra herbs like lemon balm, hyssop and petite wormwood. The amalgamation is then heated once more, then filtered and also diluted.

Other recipes don’t require distillation, merely a blend of herbs with alcohol. For instance:-
– 30g/ 1 ounce dried Wormwood
– 1 teaspoon hyssop
– 1 tablespoon angelica
– 1 pinch of fennel seeds (can use anise instead)
– 1 teaspoon of lemon balm
– ¼ teaspoon each of caraway seeds as well as coriander seeds
– 1 liter of Everclear or vodka

In a bottle mix chopped dried wormwood with the alcohol and leave for 1-2 weeks in a cool dark place. Filter or sieve out the wormwood and blend additional herbs. Await 3 or 4 days then filter or sieve again. The Absinthe is already ready.

Brewing Absinthe from home in these ways is not encouraged. Distilling is tricky and often illegal and merely mixing the herbs with alcohol doesn’t give you a true Absinthe.

How To Brew Absinthe using a Herbal Blend Kit

There are various herbal kits on sale online, including the kits from Green Devil. Their kits include:-
– Their own unique micron filtration system.
– An Absinthe blend that contains grande wormwood, hyssop, calamus, melissa, anise seed, fennel seed, star anise and also coriander see.
– Absinthe flavoring and finishing blend that contains much more herbal ingredients.

Their Deluxe kit also contains two Absinthe spoons, two Absinthe glasses, a 1000ml bottle, two bottle labels, two muslin bags for infusing the herbs, a poster plus a pamphlet that contains info and instructions.

They claim that the completed Absinthe will contain approximately 70-90mg of thujone per liter – rather a large amount of thujone, the chemical substance present in wormwood that was once claimed to cause psychedelic effects. There is no distilling involved hence the Absinthe produced isn’t going to be a real Absinthe.

How To Brew Absinthe Having an Essence

Absinthe essences are available to buy from are an easy way to create real Absinthe from home. The essences are produced from classic Absinthe herbs and so are already distilled. Simply mix the essence with Everclear or vodka and you’ve got your own bottle of the Green Fairy.

4 forms of essence can be found – one to make a classic verte Absinthe, one to produce a clear La Bleue style Absinthe, one to create an orange flavored Absinthe and another to produce a stronger more bitter Absinthe. Each of them contain real wormwood and therefore are essences used by the Absinthe industry. also sell their essences in kits containing enough essence to create 14 bottles of Absinthe, bottle labels as well as a plastic measure. See the website to obtain additional data on how to brew Absinthe using their essences.